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This service is for multiple Drop in lessons in one week or Calender Month . Discount is given for multiple visits and visitors .. each purchase is for each rider .  Shipping is a CC Fee  all purchases are non refundable however if a 24hr notice is given may be used at a later date .This is a drop in (one time or pay as you go lesson  ) This is a discounted rate. If you choose to take or continue lessons with Refugio Farm on a monthly basis you will then be abiding and agreeing to all terms and conditions stated in our contract as listed below regarding payment,scheduling, and terminations . 

Children and adult beginner to intermediate horseback riding lessons. We offer basic horsemanship lessons . We focus on the basics and work our way up.  All students learn all aspects of safety first, horse etiquette,horsemanship, then riding . All our lessons are individual and one on one with the occasional group barn lesson so students can meet other peers. Each students lesson slot is reserved for only them .Pricing is subject to change