Meet the Owner

Courtney Jordan Cameron is a native of the Sandhills. The Granddaughter of the iconic Hall of Fame jockey and trainer Frank “Dooley” Adams, and the Grand Niece of the esteemed United States Pony Club, Inc. National Legend Joan W. Ketcham. Courtney was riding ponies before she learned to walk as a child. Growing up she was heavily involved in the U.S. Pony Club, as well as, foxhunting with the Moore County Hounds.

At the age of nine Courtney won her first flat race at a Point to Point Race Meet held at the former Hobby Field located in Southern Pines. Courtney spent every day after school even into her teens and twenties, alongside her Grandfather “Dooley” assisting with the training and care of the horses at Refugio Farm. On weekends Courtney would attend Pony Club competitions and camps, as well, foxhunting with the Moore County Hounds.

Courtney resides in Southern Pines with her husband and daughter, Emmory, who is a part of Courtney’s Horse Show Team. Courtney has been teaching small children, up to adults for over eight years. Experienced in numerous disciplines, including showing, three day eventing, racing, and foxhunting; Courtney brings a lifetime of knowledge and experience to her instruction of riding and the care of horses and ponies.